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Discover Gijon like never before with our mobile aplication

Download City Tour Worldwide official app and you will have Gijon in the palm of your hand. City Tour Worldwide offers you the possibility of purchasing the bus tour tickets and much more.

Using its completely up-to-date multimedia content, you’ll be able to enjoy your tour, finding out in real time where you are, where you are headed and what you can see around you. This app will be your personal travel assistant, guiding you during the route.

  • Real-time bus location
  • Ticket sales
  • Intuitive navigation.
  • Tourist guide.
  • Images of points of interest.
  • Discover and create geolocated points of interest.
  • Link points of the city with your own photos.
  • Texts available in different languages.
  • Image gallery.
  • Offline functionality (Maps requires an internet connection, although the routes are shown onscreen).
  • Augmented reality, showing you the closest stops and points of interest.

Our app for iOS and Android devices is the perfect accessory for enjoying the Gijon

Download yout City Tour Worldwide official app now

Real time bus location on our App


Get the City Tour Worldwide app to find our buses and trains in real time, locate the stops and find out what’s around you.