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Ciudadela Capua


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Gijon Bus Tour

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11:00 - 20:00
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60 min
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Location: Calle Capua, Gijón

Get off at this stop if you want to get to know the “Ciudadela de Capua”, also known as Ciudadela de Celestino Solar. This iconic place showcases one of the models of workers’ housing still in existence in Asturias.

The ciudadelas (citadels) provided housing to Gijón’s working class in the late 19th century and much of the 20th century. There are records of over 200 ciudadelas in Gijón, with Celestino Solar being the most representative example. Built in 1877 on Capua Street, it consisted of 23 houses and it remained occupied for more than a century.

Points of interest
Jardín Botánico Atlántico
Elogio del Horizonte
Centro ciudad
Iglesia de San Pedro