Gijón City Tour has one red double-decker buses with an open-air top deck for an unparalleled panoramic view of the city. The buses feature comfortable ergonomic seats and have a space reserved for two wheelchairs.

To ensure that those with reduced mobility can also enjoy the service,our vehicle is equipped with a ramp accessing the rear door and a space set aside for wheelchairs, a continuous low floor platform and a quick kneeling system that tilts the vehicle to the right. To ensure a smooth service, all passengers should enter by the front door and exit from the rear. Also, our buses have two sets of stairs linking the two levels: the front one should be used to go up and the rear one to go down, to save time and make our trips even more enjoyable.

The Gijon City Tour bus meet all EU emissions regulations.

  • Free on-board Wi-Fi

    Our buses feature free Wi-Fi, so you can surf and keep yourself informed as you travel with us.

  • Sliding roof

    In the case of rain, our staff will cover the upper deck so you can continue to enjoy the route, even when the weather turns nasty.

  • Audio in 7 languages

    All tickets include a set of standard headphones and a pre-recorded audio guide controlled by our on-board staff. 

  • Accessible vehicles

    Space designed for persons with reduced mobility with capacity for two wheelchairs.

  • Brochure

    You will be given an information brochure when you get on one of Gijon City Tour’s Hop-on Hop-off buses.

The best service to enjoy Gijón

Our bus route will take you to the city’s most important sights: The City Center, the area of the beaches and much more! The route lasts approximately one hour.

Thanks in advance for choosing Gijón City Tour. With us, you’ll find the most convenient way to enjoy Gijón.

The best service to enjoy Gijón

Pre-recorded audio guide in 7 languages

The bus has an automatic audio guide system in 7 languages providing information on each point of the trip. All you have to do is plug in the free headphones we’ll give you and enjoy finding out about the city. Spanish,  English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and Asturian. We also offer an audio guide for children.

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Information brochures and guides

When you board the bus, you’ll be given a brochure with a plan of the city and details of the routes with a description of the stops.